Mink & Stone; Designing Your Own Jewellery

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Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.
See this necklace here? I designed it! What? Yes, that's right and you can too with this new awesome website called Mink & Stone which are a unique online service in which you can design your own unique piece of jewellery, it's pretty damn amazing!

When it came to creating my design, I thought about doing a statement piece - something perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Then I thought to myself, I really want something classic and reflects me. I am such a big lover of red roses, I'm such a romantic at heart and I think red and white is such a killer combination.

I can imagine placing this necklace around my neck, the simple rose would rest in the middle of my neck; delicate and soft, yet alluring - just like this necklace conveys to me.

If you want to become your own jewellery designer or just have a bit of fun, I really feel like this is such an awesome concept so I strongly suggest you check out www.minkandstone.com 

You can find my designed necklace here: http://www.minkandstone.com/Products/Details/398

Arabic Inspired Make-Up

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I have always genuinely admired arabic style make-up with the feline cat wing on the outer corner and the corner, the vivid colours and deep jewel tones with plenty of eyeliner... so gorgeous. I feel like with this style of make-up you can really tailor it to suit your taste/eye colour, I would have so gone with a purple jewel tone - but i've used so many purples already and wanted to try a different tone. I dug out my trusty electric palette and was immediately drawn to the colour 'fringe' - a gorgeous teal/turquoise colour that looks bluer in certain lighting.

I always take my make-up photos and close up shots in different light as I like to be able to show what the make-up looks like in different light; for example the two eye close ups below...  as you might be able to see in my actual eye the studio lights I use, the warmer toned picture they are further away so the lighting isn't so cold on my eye. 

This has definitely been one of my favourite looks that i've filmed so far, I feel like i'm on a make-up roll at the moment; i've been really enjoying rolling up to work all glam!

Product Listing



Maybelline Colour Drama 'Nude Perfection' blogpost

Watch the tutorial here:

I loved this look so much! Would you wear something like this?

Until next time, have a lovely day and happy blogging!

The Pink Coat

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Okay so first of all a big thank you to Laura from smileatstyle for being such an amazing person, taking these photos for me and just being an angel in general.
Me and Laura traced about London for a good half hour/45 minutes in the rain for somewhere to take a blog outfit post picture and found these awesome door as a backdrop to the left of the apple store in Covent Garden (what a hidden blogging gem!).

I've been wearing my pink coat pretty much every single day since I got it, you'd be surprised on how many things it goes with! It's just one of those pieces you can throw over a bog standard simple outfit to jazz it up a bit, and there's so many more colours to choose from... so tempted to get the lilac one as well. I bought the boots from Forever 21 about this time last year maybe? I know it was raining at the time and I was wearing little dolly shoes so I ran into Forever 21 and found these babies, they are so comfortable and I have 100% worn them in.

|| Pink Coat - Missguided || Chihuahua Top - Primark || Jeans - River Island || Boots - Forever 21 || Bag - New Look ||

I hope you enjoyed my little style post from today's girly day out!

What do you think of the trend of pink coats? Love or hate? Let me know in the comments and why!

Have a lovely day and happy blogging...
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