New Years Eve Make-Up


NYE is the one time a year when a girl can dress like a total slut cover herself in glitter and sparkles and no other girls can say anything about it... Why the hell not drown your eyeballs in glitter, your lips too if you're feeling extra fancy?! 
I feel like this look that i've come up with her is really photogenic because of the lashes and the semi cut-crease and the bold lips! I really didn't want to scrub this off at the end of the day... 

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You can catch the tutorial here:

I hope you have had an amazing 2014, and if it hasn't lived up to your expectations, let's make 2015 the year of positivity, love and ambition!

See you in the new year!

Share The Love; 10 Loved Bloggers & Vloggers 2014 - The Round Up

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Let's start off with the cliche' this year went by so fast... it actually did fly by though! During this year, my passions for the beauty community/blogging/youtube have grown to an insane scale. During this time I have discovered and grown to love some old favourites even more... there are SO many bloggers and vloggers that I love, so just remember that this is a very small portion! (Not in any order)

(Not my image)

Ugh, isn't she just a babe? I had the grand pleasure of meeting Leanne (a few months after I discovered her Youtube channel!) I saw her first at Bloggers Love Hub Day One and the second time at the Very Party In Style Event. Leanne is on fire, all the time! *girl crush* If you haven't (madly) seen her channel or blog before you need to go check it out for style inspo!

Laura Heitzman (smileatstyle)
I'm going to my hands on the table and promise that this is NOT a biased section! If you've been following me for a little while you would've noticed that me and Laura have gained a strong bond! She is such an angel and always looks so stylish - she also has the most amazing voice ever. I hope to keep in contact with this babe since she's gone back to Manchester! She's great!

BelleChaton (Sophie)
Sophie is such an angel! I'm pretty sure we started talking over twitter and we found out that we live in the same county which is cool! She's such a sweet girl and her blog is just flawless, the photo's are amazing and I love how you can tell she's put so much effort into her posts! Check her blog out!

I've had the BIGGEST girl crush on Shannon ever since she had black hair and did mainly 'get ready with me; clubbing' videos! Shannon likes to party, which I love! She's also a kiwi (yes I was born in NZ, but moved here when I was a bub) and is so down to earth it's ridiculous. She is becoming absolutely huge and she deserves it! So hard working too, manages to put 3 videos out a week on her main channel with the odd vlog here and there! Round of applause!

In my eyes, Vivianna is a pro. Even though I'm more of a fan of dramatic make-up, hers is always on point and she's such a joy to watch. She's one of those classic beauties who you can so tell has an inner beauty too, her weekly vlog's are my favourite part of a Tuesday! Her blog is flawless and updates every day if not regularly!

Uh. This woman is beyond perfection! I love how as you watch her videos from the beginning she's really built up her make-up skills which is something I really inspired to! She is such a hottie - another girl crush up in here! Her style is amazing and she always looks so glam, been watching her for a looong time, the first video I watched was a megan fox tutorial that was a really popular video and I became obsessed!

Victoria to me is such a huge fashion inspiration, her looks are always so well put together and I love going to her blog when I need some inspiration for outfits! Her videos on her channel are really good as well, really well edited and enjoyable to watch!

I admire Amelia, she always puts together a sexy outfit - but always, always makes it classy. That's the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Amelia! Class. She also has a youtube channel too which you should all go watch and spend hours on... ;)

Words, where are the words to start. Sammi is such a beautiful person, inside and out! I had the pleasure of meeting her two imats ago, but cannot find the picture! She was so down to earth and chatty! There were two other famous youtubers there... who started a que... Whereas Sammi just mingled with everyone and was talking to people at the nars counting about make-up! Lovely, lovely human being.

Gracie is most know as 'ugly face of beauty' and has been on the scene for quite some time, but i'm pretty sure 2014 has been her year so far, can't wait to see what Gracie brings in 2015! She looks hot and I absolutely love her fashion sense, always inspiring girls to be happier too, an amazing lady! Hats off!

I just wanted to share a little love this christmas time! I recommend you do so too! It might make someone's day!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and a truly happy new year, remember obstacles are there for a reason.
Till next time....

Faux Fur, Thigh High Boots & Autumnal Walks

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I am currently obsessed with my over-the-knee boots! They're so versatile, comfy but still so stylish and really tie an outfit together. I picked up this faux fur cape which i've been wanting for a while and found a perfect one at this year's clothes show live (which I have vlogged+hauled about so check that out!).

I had the lovely pleasure of having a girly day and night out with my new gorgeous, hilarious and an angel of a lady soul mate Laura (who has just gone back to Manchester - i'm going to cry) on Sunday the 14th, we also went to see Russell Howard later that evening at the 02, which was so much fun - my jaw hurt from laughing so much! Of course us being bloggers we thought what a perfect excuse of being in London for the day to check out Regent's Park and take some outfit photos, this is going to be a pretty heavy photo post as Laura took so many! I also took some beautiful photos of Laura's outfit too so make sure you go check her blog out to see!

Luckily we found a cute little place in Regent's Park which was fairly cute, so we had a little catwalk and a lot of fun... Haha. I feel like I need to do a post on 'photos that didn't quite cut it into the blog' as there's so many funny photos where i'm mid adjusting or talking... :') What do you think?

|| Jumper - Primark || Faux Fur Cape - Market Stall || Jeans - River Island || Bag - New Look || Boots - New Look || Choker Neckace - Wanderland || Snake Ring - Wanderland ||

I absolutely love this outfit! I'd wear it every day if I could get away with it! How are you rocking over-the-knee boots this season? - i'd love to see!

I hope you have a lovely day/evening/night where-ever you are, and may you always shine like a shooting star 
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