Kim Kardashian Inspired Make-Up

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I really fancied either re-creating/taking inspiration from a celebrity and that's when I thought to myself I have never done a Kardashian inspired look of any kind! I googled Kim Kardashian and found this gorgeous make-up look and was inspired to create something very similar! I'm so happy with the look that I came up with and felt so glam going into work later that evening.

The look features a brown smokey eye from what I could gather from the picture, a thick black winged eyeliner with a twist - a double wing. So unique and oh so effective. She paired this, the flawless face with a bold glossy lip.

Product Listing:




This is the gorgeous picture of Kim I found that I took inspiration from:

Watch my tutorial here:

Overall, I am so in love with this make-up, it's so glamorous and could be paired with any lip combination.

What do you think of the double wing? Hot or not?

Until next time... have a lovely day and happy blogging!


Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils - Review

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I have to admit that the beauty section in Tesco's is way too alluring to me for my own good. After a last minute i-fancy-a-hot-chocolate-and-junk-food dash I popped into the beauty section to have a little browse and was drawn to the 'new' sign at the Maybelline section. Once my hand looked like that of a child's colouring book from swatches I set my bank account and heart on these two shades.

The deeper mauvey pink shade is called 'Keep It Classy' which I just think is brilliant. The other nude shade is called 'Nude Perfection' - original.

The lip pencils are very short in length but to be honest, I can't actually remember for the life of me the last time I went through a whole tube of lipstick. 

Their consistency of these lip pencils is incredibly creamy and the 'Keep It Classy' shade almost has a slight glossy finish. Nude perfection lasted on my lips for a good 4 hours before needing to be touched up and I would say that is fairly good for such a creamy product! 
Overall, I love these and definitely need to pick up more shades!

Have a lovely day and happy blogging!

'If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path'

Very Party In Style Event; Launch Of The Samantha Faiers Collection

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On Thursday the 13th of October, I jumped on an incredibly delayed train up to London to meet Ash for the launch of the Samantha Faiers collection for Very at the OXO tower right next to the thames. We managed to nab a ticket each - at just £15 for a ticket to the show, free champagne on arrival, canapés and beauty treatments you can't really go wrong! - such a beautiful location too!

The Outfit
I'm going through a wee bit of a no spending phase at the moment - as i'm saving up for a huge fashion and beauty event in December so I had to rummage around my wardrobe and find something perfect! -stress-
In the end I opted for my trusty 'L.R.D' (little red dress) that I scored on ASOS in September last year, but you can find similar ones still there or boohoo have some good offerings! I love this dress sososo much, has a lot of cleavage going on but is quite long in length so still somehow with all of that boobage on show it still looks classy!

The Make-Up
I'm going to be completely honest with you and confess that I had completely no idea in which direction my make-up was going. I filmed myself getting ready for this event which you can watch here, or watch it at the end of this post! I knew I wanted to have a dramatic look and either a bold lip of some form and this is what I came up with...


Mixture of e/s from the Urban Decay Naked Original Palette
False Eyelashes (from a supermarket, but I wouldn't recommend as too shiny looking)

Iridescent Eyeshadow in the center

I was way too busy mingling and mooching around that I forgot to take loads of pictures but these pictures are the ones I managed to take. 

The lovelies that are Ash (left) and Sam (right)
Lola was also there although I didn't manage to get a snap of her lovely face! Check out her post here

I had previously met Leanne at the Bloggers Love Hub day one and she was and still is so lovely, and she recognised me from before! Even though we had at least a half an hour long conversation at that previous event, somehow I got all giddy saying 'Hi' again! -hey Leanne if you read this-
I have a massive girl crush on Leanne, she's definitely the kind of girl i'd love to be my friend, hit the shops with! She's so down to earth, easy to talk to and she's blooming gorgeous!
I was also introduced to Jacq Boulton who is absolutely stunning and also a sweet girl!

From left: Ash, Myself, Leanne, Jacq

I had an awesome time at the Very event hosted by Hearst Magazine events, even if we did miss the first hour due to the delay on the trains! The only criticism I have is that the event itself was very short, and Samantha's 'talk' about her collection was very short and was read off a card... 

Till next time...
Have a lovely day and may all your days be merry 

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