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So let me first start off by saying that is a way overdue post, I've had these make-up revolution products for what feels like over a month or so now? In a way that's a good thing as i've actually had the time to really test out a few bits and pieces that i've picked out from the brand that looked intriguing to me.

Romantic Smoked Redemption Palette

We all know i'm a lover for dark eyeshadows, and especially purple tones so this palette really caught my eye! I swatched a few of the shades in the store and thought i'd give it a go. 
I really, really like the fact that they've mixed different finishes of eyeshadows into the palette as opposed to all matts/shimmer, it makes it a lot more versatile rather than having to go into another palette to get a transition shade.
I have some snaps below and I shall go through the eyeshadows below;

As you can tell from the swatches, the more pigmented shades are the shimmery ones as opposed to the matt formulas. However; the matt ones are quite impressive for such an affordable cosmetic brand and act as perfect transition shades.

The Vamp Lipstick
Oh my; how stunning is this lippy!

Below; An unconventional swatch
This lipstick is very pigmented, creamy and moisturising! 
Definitely a creamy finish, so if you're a lover of a matt formula you could just do the tissue and baby powder trick - (take a sheet of toilet tissue and peel in half, hold over the lips and pat baby powder over the top - VOILA!) 
I really feel like every make-up lover needs a dark, vampy lip in the collection no matter what the season! It's only a £1 too! Bargain!

Awesome Metals Finish Eyeshadow
Rose Gold

Saving the best till last, it's the awesome metals shadow in rose gold shadow which is so ridiculously stunning I could just burst!
One of the main reasons I love this product and want to try out more shades is because a lot of the competing budget friendly make-up brands only really have blushers, lipsticks, eyeshadows etc; nothing really exciting/different like this.
When I first went to swatch this eyeshadow, I thought to myself 'this is absolutely pants' but, it's designed to be applied with the liquid eye primer which it comes with - handy! Which is awesome! It's a medium consistency formula that you put into a little dish, and mix with a little bit of the product and it gives the most amazing finish on the eyes and lasts all day!

A snap of me below wearing the lipstick and a few select shadows from the palette which I shall leave the tutorial for this below too.

Overall, I am really impressed with my make-up revolution bits and I am really eager to try out some more bits and bobs so swatch this space!

Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution and what did you think? Any must haves? I'd love to know!

Thank you for reading and until next time...

Rock Chick Glam

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On the day of filming this look, I didn't really know what I was going to create - I just knew that it had to be dramatic and dark. Such anti-spring vibes...
I originally wanted to film my go to purple smokey eye, but that can wait as I rummaged through my make-up collection and re-discovered this Barry M pigment that I had never used and picked up in a goodie bag from the Clothes Show Live, I opened the lid and out loud did a 'Yes. Mm-hmm. Perfect.' It's quite funny actually because half way throughout filming this look, I was late to meet up with my friends to get my first little tattoo... so I did look a little strange going into the tattoo parlor with half a face of make-up but hey ho!

It's always a good sign when filming a make-up look when you have LOADS of photos and you pretty much adore every single snap as it means it was successful!
This look reminds me of a serpent/chameleon/reptile/punk kind of look... hopefully by the time this post and video goes up I will have a snappier punchline...

P R O D U C T S  F E A T U R E D

My aim is to inspire people to be creative and experiment; have fun with make-up, it's like art for your face, with an extreme attention to detail! I really hope you liked this make-up look and that you want to create something bold, dramatic and out of your comfort zone!

Thank you for reading + watching and until next time...


The Michelle Keegan Shift Dress

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I actually picked this dress up back at the end of 2014 with my next vouchers and have only gotten round to posting about it! This is a dress from Michelle Keegan's collection with next, which is gorgeous! 

I absolutely love the look of smart clothing, something you could take from the office to a bar.. this is the perfect dress in my eyes for that, I think the dress speaks for itself so I just paired it with these simple black stilettos from Primark, which are gorgeous but not the comfiest of shoes, so this would be the kind of out-the-taxi-hobble-to-the-restaurant kind of outfit!

Thank you for reading and let me know if you've tried any of the Michelle Keegan collection!

 Until Next Time...
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