Glamglow Event At The Mondrian & Mask Review

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So last Thursday (9th April) I was given the amazing opportunity to have a proper 'blogger day' in the morning/lunchtime I attended the Debenhams Beauty SS15 Press Show (post here) and then in the evening to go to the Mondrian Hotel (which is insanely gorgeous by the way - and so are the male staff ;)) to their spa for the GlamGlow blogger mud party and drinks in the Rooftop Rumpus Room. -What is life - Typing this out made me have a little reality check of how lucky I am to have the chance to have this amazing day! Super grateful.

The spa is absolutely beautiful for a start and they offered us complimentary champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and healthy smoothies as a friendly greeting. After we settled in with our robes, had a drink we were taken over to the beds for our facials using Glamglow products. They started by applying the mud to our face (they let me keep my eye make up on!), then once that had dried was removed with a warm cloth. After this my face felt super soft and refreshed, then the youth mud was applied which is an intense nourishing treatment.

After our mud party, we went and got dolled up and were taken up to the Rumpus Room, which is a gorgeous bar in the Mondrian Hotel which has the most stunning view (you can sort of see it in the background). I met some lovely girlies that evening - Maddie (far left), Alaina (on the left of me) and Lisa (right)!

We received a complimentary sample of both products used and recommended for our skin so I decided to give myself a little pamper at home a few days later as I missed how fresh my face felt after the first time using it.

This mud has little dots of tea-tree which tingle after applied to the skin - it's an unusual feeling but satisfying as it feels like it's really working! Once the mask has dried, I washed it off with a warm cloth and my skin looks instantly fresher and cleaner - I love the feel of this mask.

Overall, I had the most amazing time and really want to try out some more GlamGlow products as now I believe they are worth the price after trying them for myself.

C A T C H  T H E  V L O G

I am so unbelievably grateful for these opportunities!

Thank you for reading and until next time...

W7 Up In Smoke Palette Review & Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial

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Who's not a fan of the classic black smokey eye ey? Looks good on everyone because it is so adjustable to your eye shape and is well - monochrome so it goes with everything, duh. A black smokey eye used to be my go-to-no-matter-where-i-was-going look (even though i've always worn dramatic make-up everywhere - why not?) and I found it to make my eyes look so intense and seductive. 

I was lucky enough to receive a few goodies to try out from W7 - an affordable cosmetics brand who i've worked with before; check that post here. First off, i'm giving my full honest opinion and review, with swatches and demonstrations (tutorial) on the 'Up In Smoke' palette, which is so perfect for the handy night out make up look.

As you can see the packaging is very similar to that of that of the infamous naked palettes from UD, the plastic tin is perfect as it can get cleaned up easily. I like how they've kept the packaging for this nice and simple with the monochrome look - nice and classic. Let's cut to the chase and look at the shades shall we?

Okay, so we've got a good range of shades in here - I really like the fact they added in a light pink for a bit of a twist. The only critiques I have would be that there's only one matt shade which is a dark grey - some transition shades like a matt grey, matt lighter grey would have been a sweeter touch.
On the other hand, all the shades are gorgeous and the finish of the pearlescent ones (2nd picture down) are stunning.

This is the look I came up with - I paired my intense black smokey eye with a barbie pale pink lip for the fun! I felt so girly wearing this look, there's so many little alterations you could do this look to make it versatile and suit you; alter the lip colour, change the black to a grey, add a blue in the waterline...

W A T C H  T H E  T U T O R I A L

P R O D U C T  L I S T I N G

W7 Up In Smoke Palette* (releasing soon)

Thank you for reading and until next time...

Ripped Denim & Tailored Blazer

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If you've been reading my blog for a while you may recognise these ripped jeans which as you can tell from the longer rip at the bottom - I did myself! Check that post out here. I actually love these jeans and wear them constantly - especially as I ripped them myself. I was pulling a few outfits together and really liked the 'effortlessly cool' vibe of this outfit - it can easily be made into a night time look by pairing it with the right things; a smart blazer, clutch bag and heels/wedges.

|| Blazer - River Island | Top - MissRebel | Necklace - Boohoo | Jeans - River Island | Clutch Bag - New Look | Rings - Primark | Wedges - New Look ||

How do you style your ripped jeans?

Thank you for reading and until next time...
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